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Our Before & After Smile Gallery

Our leading private dentistry practice in central Milton Keynes is proud to have delivered beautiful smiles to people of all ages. We are currently offering free online consultations for all of our cosmetic treatments including teeth straightening, whitening, dental implants and full mouth reconstruction. Simply contact our friendly team today to book your free online consultation.

‘Anna’ : Large gap between the two upper front teeth

Before after invisalign teeth straightening

‘Anna’ was self-conscious about the gap between the two upper front teeth. This was reduced and the two front teeth straightened with Invisalign braces.

‘Jenny’ : Severe overcrowding

Before after invisalign teeth straightening2

‘Jenny’ had severe overcrowding since her adult teeth came through. Without any extractions, this issue was resolved by our Appledore Dental team in Milton Keynes with Invisalign braces.

Chris : Small teeth with gaps

Chris wanted to improve his teeth before his appearance as Best Man at a friend’s wedding! Cosmetic Bonding was used to fill in the gaps between his teeth and Chris was delighted with the result.

Sam : Protruding front teeth

Before & after invisalign

Sam from Milton Keynes wanted to improve the shape of her front teeth, to reduce how much the front teeth protruded. Sam was treated with Invisalign clear braces and was delighted with the natural looking result.

‘Louise’ : Protruding incisor and some staining on teeth

‘Louise’ was looking for a brighter smile. Her teeth were straightened with Invisalign braces and ‘Louise’ benefitted from a free teeth whitening session after her straightening treatment. A really glamorous smile!

‘Amari’ : Spacing issues, an open bite and small teeth

‘Amari’ struggled to close his teeth together which caused problems with eating (an open bite), plus some teeth were small and misaligned. The teeth were straightened and realigned with Invisalign braces which solved the open bite problem and then  Veneers were fitted to give the teeth a fuller look.

‘Scott’ : Stained and yellow teeth

Before & after teeth whitening

‘Scott’ wanted to improve the look of his teeth so a course of teeth whitening treatment in Milton Keynes was recommended. A great looking, natural result!

‘Ajay’ : Gap between front teeth

Before & after bonding

‘Ajay’ had always been concerned about the gap between the his two front teeth. This was improved by Appledore Dentist Milton Keynes by using Cosmetic Bonding, a way to solidly fill in the gap between the teeth to achieve a natural looking result.

Leading Cosmetic Dentists in Milton Keynes

The perfect smile is always unique, fitting the shape of your face and our team of Milton Keynes dentists’ will always work with you to provide you with a great smile that suits you.

Our aim of creating a smile that suits you results in a very natural looking in shape, form and function.

We have found that patients know the look that they want to achieve – it’s fine to bring in photos of people and smiles that you like – but bear in mind that, like a new hairstyle, some smiles don’t suit everyone.

Creating the ultimate aesthetics in smile design is about designing teeth to work in harmony with the whole face.

Our roles, as professional and highly experienced cosmetic dentists, is to outline how we would create the best smile for your face shape.  We will always outline to you the best treatments available to suit your requirements and spend as much time as you need to allow you to fully understand the treatments involved.