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Dental Implants Milton Keynes

Dental Tooth Implant

A dental implant is a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth.

We know that missing teeth can really knock your confidence and because a dental implant looks and feels exactly like your natural teeth, they are a great solution for restoring your smile.

As well as its aesthetic value, dental implants also makes eating and speaking more comfortable.

Our dental implant dentist in Milton Keynes, Dr Martin Whelan, is very experienced with the implant procedure and uses the latest dental tools and techniques to achieve the incredible results.

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Is a dental implant right for you?

Here at Appledore, we pride ourselves in providing the right advice and dental solution to suit you. An implant isn’t the right option for everybody. It can depend on many things, including which teeth are missing, and the condition of your remaining teeth and gums.

One of the reasons people choose implants is that they’re a more permanent and secure option than dentures and can last as long as natural teeth. Dentures tend to last for around five to 10 years and as they’re made to fit your mouth exactly, they can become less comfortable as your mouth changes shape over time.

Implants may also be a preferred option if you want to avoid causing any damage to your existing teeth. This can happen if you have a bridge, as sometimes it can mean cutting your natural teeth to fit them.

What is an implant?

A dental implant itself is a titanium screw, which is placed directly into your jawbone, replacing your missing tooth root. After it’s fitted, the bone surrounding your implant will gradually fuse to it, holding the implant firmly in place.

A false tooth (a crown or denture) is then fitted to the top of the implant (the abutment), giving a natural look to your smile.

What are the benefits of an implant?

Implants look great because you add a crown to a dental implant which can be matched exactly to your existing teeth, the end result is something that looks very natural. Many patients tell us that they forget which one is the crown and which is the real tooth!

  • A more permanent fix

    Dental implants are ranked as one of the longest-lasting fixes for tooth loss. They are permanent and specifically designed to handle daily wear and tear.

  • Implants V Dentures

    Dentures can be a cheaper in the short term, but dental implants are designed to last over the long term and are a more practical and comfortable solution for missing teeth. Dentures may have to be changed as you age and the shape of your mouth and jaw alters, whereas a dental implant is not subject to those changes.

  • Preventing bone loss in the jaw

    After the loss or extraction of a tooth, the surrounding bone in the jaw can begin to disintegrate. Dental implants perform the same functions as natural teeth and can keep the bone stimulated, so further bone loss doesn’t occur.

  • Implants are low maintenance

    Maintaining a dental implant is the same as maintaining your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, you don’t need to remove your implant to keep it clean. And, because it’s a long-lasting option, you won’t have to think about replacements, like you would with a bridge or crown.

  • Eat and talk as normal

    When you lose teeth, it can change the overall structure of your mouth. This shift can lead to alignment issues and can result in a weakened bite and potentially change your facial features. A dental implant can help reinforce your bone and prevent any changes to your bite, meaning you can eat and talk as you did before tooth loss!

  • Protect surrounding teeth

    When you lose a tooth, other teeth can deviate and try to take over the space. This shift can lead to potential gum health issues as well as problems with the stability of teeth.

Dental Implants Dr Martin Whelan

Introducing Dr Martin Whelan

Dr Martin is our very experienced implant dentist in Milton Keynes.

He has extensive knowledge in implantology and is a leading facial cosmetic consultant with 15 years’ experience in facial aesthetics. Dr Martin has been an accredited trainer by NHS East of England Multi-Professional Deanery for the past 5 years.

Your dental implant assessment

Your initial free online assessment will be with Dr Teresa or Dr Whelan, our dental implant dentists in Milton Keynes. This can answer any initial questions you may have and give our dental team a good idea if dental implants would be a suitable treatment for you.

A full face to face assessment in our practice surgery will then be needed to assess the state of your gum where the tooth was lost. There will be a cost of £150 for this, which includes the cost of Xrays and a report.

If you lost the tooth very recently in a traumatic event and you still have it, it’s possible he could put it back in for you.

There is no commitment required from you to go ahead with the dental implant treatment at the assessment stage. We will only proceed when you have had the treatment plan and full costs of treatment outlined and you are happy that you understand the process.


If the gap is older or if you’ve previously had dentures, he sometimes needs to prepare the site by doing a bone graft or sinus lift, which will build up the jawbone where the implant will go. The placement of implants helps to prevent the loss of your jawbone which naturally occurs with loss of teeth. As such it helps maintain the strength and shape of your jaws and contributes to maintaining a youthful appearance.

Single or multiple implant

You can have a single implant, or you can have multiple ones if you need more than one tooth replaced. It is possible to have several implants fitted in the same procedure. If you have few or no teeth, the ‘smile in a day’ technique might work for you. This uses four to six implants supported by a bridge.

Implants can be placed in almost anyone over 16.  They are not normally used in children, as their bones are not fully grown.

Implant placement

As soon as you are ready, we make an appointment to place the implant.

The dental implant is placed directly into your jawbone, where it provides an artificial replacement for the root of your missing tooth or teeth. This is then left for about three to six months. During this time new bone grows around the implant, securing it in a process called osseointegration.

Crown placement

A connecting piece called an abutment is added to the implant and a false tooth made to exactly fit and match your other teeth is placed on top. The quality of these restorations is such that you can easily forget which tooth is the false one!

Appledore can place single crowns, bridgework, or attachments to retain dentures on top of your implants.

How long do dental implants last?

You may have heard that dental implants can last for about 25 years or more. This is true as long as you take good care of them. The dental implant itself (the root-like part of the implant, usually a titanium post) can last almost a lifetime.

Generally, the exposed parts of the affordable dental implant – abutment and crown – are more susceptible to deterioration and damages than the implant itself. However, a crown may last about 15 to 25 years, as long as you maintain a good oral healthcare routine – i.e. brushing and flossing on a daily basis and seeing a hygienist regularly.

The location of the dental implant in your mouth will also determine the longevity of your dental implant. For instance, implants positioned at the back of the mouth will receive more pressure due to chewing than those positioned in the front. As a result, the implant at the back of the mouth may fail more quickly than those at the front of the mouth.

Patients who smoke or drink heavily are at a higher risk of experiencing implant failure than non-smokers and non-drinkers. Hence, in order to ensure that your dental implant lasts as long as possible, refrain from smoking and drinking heavily before and after the placement of the implant.

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Implant Costs

Our experienced dentists will always carry out a full assessment and provide you with a full breakdown of recommended treatment and cost breakdown.

You are under no obligation to continue treatment after your initial assessment.

Appledore offers 0% interest free finance options which can be used to spread the cost of your treatments over several months; please do not hesitate to ask us for details on this.

Single Dental Implant is £1500

Restoration on top of Implant (crown or denture) is £1000

Please note that there may be extra costs if there is extra work, for example on the gums or jawbone, in preparation for the dental implant. These costs will be clearly outlined to you in your surgery assessment before your treatment starts, so that you can make a fully informed decision.

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Appledore recommend Straumann implants as they are top quality.

Dr Teresa has been to the manufacturing facilities of a number of implant companies, they are all quite high tech, but the Straumann facility is decidedly ‘space age’.  All the implants are checked under the microscope and then go through an amazing finishing process that you can watch here