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Cosmetic Dentistry

with the award-winning Appledore Dental Clinic

New affordable dental innovations have allowed our patients to instantly and painlessly achieve their own perfect smile.

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Here at the award-winning Appledore Dental Clinic, your local cosmetic dentist in Milton Keynes, we have created thousands of winning smiles for our patients using the latest technology.

It’s been a real pleasure to also see the confidence boost that a new, improved smile can produce. From simple teeth whitening to a complete smile makeover, it’s never too late to start your new smile journey with Appledore.

We offer a range of private cosmetic dental treatments. Contact us for a FREE online consultation and chat to us about our 0% finance options.


How can I fix crooked teeth?

If your teeth are overcrowded or crooked then an inexpensive and effective procedure would be either braces, including the option of Invisalign (invisible) braces or veneers.

Invisalign is quickly becoming a popular choice with people of all ages, from teens to seniors, who want to see a long lasting solution to crooked teeth.

veneers at Appledore Milton Keynes

What are Veneers?

Veneers can be attached in just two dental visits and can be a solution for creating more even looking teeth, hiding gaps in teeth or giving you a brighter, whiter smile.

Our leading cosmetic dentists in Milton Keynes can suggest a variety of options to improve your smile.

teeth straightening milton keynes

How can I close gaps in my teeth?

Our experienced cosmetic dentists in Milton Keynes are proud to have created many transformations in patients teeth over the years, including closing gaps in teeth and creating a more even smile.

There are many choices for closing or hiding gaps such as Invisalign braces, Veneers, Dental Implants or Dental Bridgework.

cosmetic dentist milton keynes whitening

Teeth Straightening & Whitening

When you choose Invisalign for teeth straightening, you will also benefit from free whitening treatment to best showcase your new smile!

Improving the colour of your teeth with our teeth whitening systems can really transform a smile and give you a new confidence.

cosmetic bonding milton Keynes before photo
cosmetic bonding Milton Keynes after photo

How can I fix a chipped tooth?

Cosmetic bonding is a new treatment that can fix small chips in teeth, a great solution without the need for filing down and replacing the tooth.

Alternatively, we can restore worn or cracked teeth with strong, durable crowns or with veneers.