Ms El Hamid

Dr El Hamid

Specialist orthodontist


Dr El Hamid decided to become an orthodontist while having orthodontic treatment herself at the age of 14.

Appreciating the transformative result of her confidence the treatment had on her led her down this career path, hoping to make a small but positive impact on others.

After finishing a master’s degree from Kings College London and gaining specialist status with the GDC in 2012, she embarked on a long career treating children and adults with various orthodontic appliances with a range of complexity of malocclusion.

Dr El Hamid keeps up to date with the advancing world of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry by attending courses and conferences in the UK, EU and the USA. She joins the practice and brings a wealth of experience and passion for putting a smile on her patients’ faces.
Dr El Hamid is also a mum of four and enjoys baking with them during her free time.

Range of orthodontic treatment on offer:

  • Fixed Orthodontic Appliances
  • Functional orthodontic appliances
  • Removable orthodontic appliances
  • Interceptive orthodontic treatment
  • INVISALIGN orthodontic treatment