Teeth straightening case study - Morgan - Appledore Dental Clinic

Teeth straightening case studies – introducing Morgan

Follow Morgan’s Invisalign teeth straightening journey on our case study videos below.

Morgan inherited uneven and crooked teeth from both parents (so he told us!) which has made him self-conscious about showing his teeth when he talks and smiles.

He was attracted to Invisalign because of the ‘invisible’ nature of the treatment. This is very appealing to this twenty-four year old, as they won’t be noticeable at work or when going out with friends. 

Morgan has agreed to share a video diary so you can see first hand the amazing results that can be achieved with this brilliant, non-invasive teeth straightening product. If you are interested in this treatment call our friendly team to book a FREE consultation with Dr Teresa on 01908 230209. We currently have a generous benefits package for those booking Invisalign treatment with us.

Morgan’s Invisalign Journey – a live case study

Phase 1 – Morgan starts treatment with the scanning

Morgan starts his Invisalign teeth straightening journey with Appledore dental Milton Keynes. His first visit involves using the Itero Dental Scanner to create an accurate image of his teeth – saving the need for a mouthful of putty to make moulds! These scanned images are used then by Invisalign to create the invisible aligners that Morgan will wear for the next 18 months.

Morgan’s Invisalign Journey – a live case study

Phase 2 – Morgan’s second appointment

Morgan has his second appointment at Appledore Milton Keynes, to assess how the Invisalign Aligners are working and to do some dental work to ‘assist’ how the Aligners do their job. One tooth is filed slightly to allow it room to move and then four small tooth coloured attachments are fixed to Morgans teeth. These help the Aligners control the movement of the teeth where there is some rotation to do, i.e. twisting the tooth slightly to straighten it up.