Smooth Skin & Muscle Relaxants

Smooth Skin & Muscle Relaxants Milton Keynes

By using your facial muscles repeatedly throughout your lifetime, your skin is creased in areas of greatest use. Your ageing process causes the slow down of collagen and elastin production in your skin so as you get older, these areas over use become damaged and your lines become permanent.

However, by reducing the movement of your muscles in these areas your skin stops being creased and is allowed to recover, causing your lines to soften or even fade away. In the areas treated, your muscles are temporarily inactivated, during which time you can break the subconscious habit of overusing these muscles.

Depending on your individuality and the product used, the response to treatment can vary from a relaxation of your muscles to an inability to move your muscles.

For the first couple of years, frequent treatments are required to ‘re-educate’ your facial muscles. Thereafter, treatments would be less frequent until a yearly maintenance treatment is normally all that is required. When the medication is injected into your muscle it causes it to become weakened or inactivated. It stops your muscle from functioning by blocking your neuromuscular transmission – it stops chemical messages from your nerves to your muscles.

Appledore clinicians use prescription medication with over 40 years of research and development, used widely around the globe for the softening and elimination of wrinkles.


Profhilo is the most amazing rejuvenating skincare treatment available NOW in Milton Keynes, to treat your facial and neck skin laxity, tightening your skin and helping you to look more youthful.

Who and what is Profhilo suitable for?

  • Older people with visible signs of skin laxity and crepiness
  • People who feel that their skin is dry and/or starting to show lines
  • Sun damaged skin that is starting to show lines
  • Younger ladies who have noticed that their skin is not as ‘peachy’ as it used to be.
    • In younger faces we can use Profhilo as a preventive treatment
  • Anyone who dislikes fillers but would like to improve their facial skin, they will achieve skin tightening and subtle rejuvenation
facial aesthetics Milton Keynes Profhilo

What area of the body is Profhilo suitable for?

  • Faces and necks
  • From Spring 2020 treatment for hands and décolletage will also be available

How much treatment is needed?

  • The initial treatment is 2 sets of injections, 4 weeks apart
  • If you have very crepey skin you may need a 3rd treatment at 8 weeks
  • We recommend that you have a top up every 4-6 months to keep your skin looking fab
facial aesthetics Milton Keynes Profhilo

Is Profhilo a filler?

  • No, it will not provide volume or significant lift, we can also provide fillers and other facial aesthetic treatment if required

What is the cost of Profhilo in Milton Keynes?

  • The cost for your 2 visit amazing rejuvenating skincare Profhilo treatment is £500, payment will be taken in full at your first visit
  • Top up Profhilo treatments are just £200 every 4-6 months

For an exciting new rejuvenating skincare treatment Profhilo is remarkably affordable

And yes, the recovery time after treatment is minimal.

facial aesthetics Milton Keynes Profhilo