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Frown Lines And Wrinkles

Wrinkles !

The number one sign of ageing that Dr Teresa hears people complain of the most is, without a doubt, wrinkles.

As we get older, our skin develops wrinkles naturally, some fine and light, some deep and very obvious.

This is because we have been using the muscles in our face for a very long time, and overuse of these muscles creates a crinkling in the skin, which over time turn into those classic crows feet and fine lines. Combined with the fact that, over time, our skin cells become less effective at repairing themselves, we become more prone to wrinkles everywhere.

You can do some things to keep wrinkles at bay yourself – reducing your exposure to UV light, avoiding alcohol, not smoking and making sure you get enough sleep. However, that will all only go so far.

But don’t worry, that’s where Dr Teresa steps in.

Using the most advanced anti-aging technologies, she can help you roll back the years and achieve natural, radiant results – without invasive surgeries.  Wrinkle relaxation treatments can give you a youthful appearance in as little as 15 minutes and helps to prevent future wrinkles from forming too, keeping you looking younger for longer.

What is the treatment for frown lines and wrinkles?

For deep lines and folds, we need to use dermal fillers.

For crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines, we need to use something to stop the underlying muscles from being as active.  This is a prescription only treatment and should only be provided by qualified and insured doctors, dentists and aesthetic nurses.

We will assess your face and the wrinkles caused by muscle action, and if appropriate we will prescribe tiny doses of botulinium toxin type A to paralyse parts of the muscles.  (There are various trademarked products available but they are all botulinium toxin type A).

How long does the treatment for frown lines and wrinkles last?

uIt takes a few days to take effect.

The toxin temporarily stops the muscles from working by blocking one of the chemical messengers in the muscle cell.

Treatment usually lasts around 4-6 months as your body will gradually clear the toxin from the area.

Is it dangerous?

No.  Although botulinium toxin would be very dangerous if you were to eat a large amount of it, the amounts used to paralyse muscles temporarily are minuscule. However, there are a couple of medical conditions where we prefer not to use it.

We will discuss your general health with you before we prescribe any treatment.