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Is it time to find your best smile?  Appledore Milton Keynes specialise in natural looking dentures.

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Dentures Milton Keynes

Natural Looking Dentures

Are you looking for comfortable and natural looking dentures? If you are currently suffering with uncomfortable false teeth then contact our experienced team of cosmetic dentists in Milton Keynes for a free online consultation.

We can provide you with advice on sore gums and ulcers and talk you through the latest developments in natural looking dentures, dentures that allow you to eat and talk properly without risk of discomfort.

Dr Teresa, Dentist Milton KeynesDr Teresa

Clinical Director, Appledore Dental, Milton Keynes

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At Appledore Cosmetic Dentist we want to let you know you don’t have to live with denture discomfort any longer.

We will introduce you to comfortable, natural looking dentures that can:

  • Bring you soothing, full time comfort from ill-fitting dentures
  • Give you a lifetime of healthy eating for more energy
  • Help you speak more clearly
  • Avoid your dentures looking like they were made for someone else
  • Provide natural looking teeth – like colour and shape of real teeth
  • Add personality to your smile, just like Madonna with her distinctive gap
  • Relieve tender, sore, bleeding gums associated with ill fitting dentures
  • Provide an even bite
  • Give you a well balanced, not too heavy on the left or the right. Just like a well balanced pair of glasses that you forget wearing them
  • Get a personal smile made exclusively for you – not a manufactured laboratory smile – but full of your own character
  • Make your gums look real
  • Turn the clock back on your face
  • Avoid gagging – a thing of the past!

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