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Appledore is a 5* rated, friendly dental practice in Milton Keynes offering a variety of treatments and services.

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Dental Check Up in Milton Keynes

Due for a dental check up? It’s important to keep on top of your oral health and our team of experience dentists offer private dental check ups for just £49.

In a dental check-up here in Milton Keynes, our experienced dentist will examine not only your teeth, but also your mouth and gums to ensure your mouth is healthy. It’s good to have regular check-ups and we will make recommendations to you individually about how often these should be.

Remember that Appledore offers the exclusive Appledore Bonus Club (or ABC), which includes check ups in the plan as well as hygiene visits.

Dental Check Up MK

Stress free dentistry in Milton Keynes

Fearful about going to the dentist? Our experienced and friendly team of dentists in Milton Keynes are well practised in looking after our more nervous patients!

Over the years we have come to understand that almost all of us have an element of fear when it comes to having their teeth checked let alone having treatment carried out. Having seen and treated hundreds of patients each with dental anxiety we understand that their fear was unique to them, we are fully aware of the importance of getting to know our patients, understanding their story and most of all, meet their expectations.

Stress free dentistry MK

Teeth Stain Removal & Whitening

A smile can attract people and put them at their ease but if you’ve got stained teeth then chances are you spend most of your time hiding your smile.

If you’re embarrassed by the stains on your teeth, then the good news is our team at Appledore Milton Keynes can get you confident in your smile again! Find out more about our new AirFlow technology for stain removal on teeth.

Alternatively you may be interested in whitening your teeth for a brighter smile.

AirFlow Stain Removal

Emergency Dentist Milton Keynes

Appledore offers an emergency dental service in Milton Keynes during normal practice hours, Monday to Friday.

Our friendly dentists will assess and advise you on what we can do to help you.

Please note that emergency appointment are for  true DENTAL EMERGENCIES, for patients who require urgent treatment.

Emergency Dentist Milton Keynes

Family Dentist Milton keynes

Our friendly dental practice in Milton Keynes are committed to looking after the needs of the whole family.

We offer free dental check ups to children (up to and including 16 years of age), providing one parent is a regular patient at Appledore, this check up can be at any time, if no parent is registered this free appointment has to be on a specific day of the month between 3pm and 5pm (please contact the clinic for up to date information).

By involving parents in prevention, we are able to fight against dental disease more effectively.

Family Dentist Milton Keynes

Mouth Cancer Checks

Using the latest technology, our team at Appledore Milton Keynes can examine for early discovery of abnormalities that could possible lead to oral cancer.

We use the VELscope, which blue light stimulates the natural fluorescence in the soft tissues allowing dental professionals to see disease sometimes not visible to the naked eye and discover disease at its most curable stage.

Mouth Cancer Checks

Dental Hygienist Milton Keynes

Everyone is aware that a dental hygienist scales and polishes teeth, but at Appledore Milton Keynes our hygienist does that and much, much more.

We advise regular visits to see our dental hygienist as she will assist you in maintaining your stunning healthy smile.

Dental Hygiene

Replacing missing teeth

If you have lost teeth in an accident, have dentures or have missing teeth, then a long term and comfortable solution can be having an implant. Our dental implant clinic in Milton Keynes features experienced dentists with years of experience in this field.

Dental Implants