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Bad Breath

Treating bad breath at Appledore Dental Clinic, Milton Keynes

Bad breath in Milton Keynes

What causes bad breath?

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath, also called halitosis, is a common problem that can affect anyone at any age. Most of us have experienced it at some point in our lives but persistent bad breath can be caused by a dental condition.

Dental conditions that can cause bad breath can include gum disease, cavities, oral cancer or bacteria on the tongue for example. If your bad breath does last for a long period of time then book in a visit with one of our private dentists in Milton Keynes to rule out any of these problems.

Bear in mind that using mouthwash to cover up bad breath when a dental problem is present will only mask the odour and not cure it.

Treatments for bad breath

We recommend booking a dental hygiene appointment to clean your teeth and gums, booking a general appointment or get yourself checked out for oral mouth cancer. 

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