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Additional Treatments

Sporting MouthGuards

If you take part in any contact sport (including football, rugby, karate, basketball, hockey etc.) we recommend that you wear a custom made mouth guard to protect your smile – these can even be made in your team colours!

Children in the Appledore Club have these at a reduced price.

Sporting mouthguards Milton Keynes

Headache & Joint Pain Therapy

Headaches are commonly caused by stress. However, when you are stressed you may also grind or clench your teeth.

This causes your jaw muscles to be overworked and you then get a headache, or pain in your jaw joints. There are a number of therapies which can alleviate this type of pain.

Some people will only need a simple device to stop them clenching their teeth which can be fabricated in a single visit to Appledore.

If you suffer with headaches, ask about our headache therapies at your next appointment

Headache and join pain therapy Milton Keynes